Thursday, 15 October 2015

Reflection and Review of Production!

                                               Cindy In Da House!

Cindy In Da House reflection.
This year our school production was about Cinderella G.I styles. It played from Tuesday the 22nd to Thursday the 24th. Before the production we had a matinee.! A matinee is the production but held in the afternoon instead. The production was filled with a variety of things such as: Dancing, Singing, a lot of acting and some short films. As we were waiting the lights suddenly went out. All of the kids screamed. Everyone bought there ticket for $5, nobody wanted to miss out. It was held in our school hall. The timing was great, it ran from 7pm to 8:15pm. Once it was all over the production team decided to show our whole school on Friday. It was awesome. 

Cindy In Da House review. 
Our Cinderella story about a girl who meets a boy. Our Cindy wasn't treated that well. She got given a beautiful dress and ended up going to prefects ball. Our boy (Josh) is a very well treated boy. Goes to the gym everyday, head boy and rugby captain. They meet each other at the Prefects Ball and as the real story the clock ticks and she runs away leaving her JANDEL. Josh and his boys go looking around G.I for the Jandel, they eventually find the other pair. They have a wedding and become besties. I think our production was cool. I would rate it a 10/10

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