Thursday, 30 April 2015

Crazy teacher invents a new Tetris controller.

write a lead paragraph of a news report
Crazy teacher invents a new Tetris controller!
Storyline. from:Venetia Joyce Room 6 ,Pt England School.

The 30th April Thursday 2015 Mr Matt Goodwin introduced a new technology to his class at Pt England School in Glen Innes.  He introduced a Makey Makey Kit.  Mr Goodwin had the Kit , some wires and fruit. He made a Tetris controller out of those three things.  This new technology was for the new term topic, Tinkering, Tools and toys.
Description:The task was to create a news article about the new Makey Makey kit. I learnt that fruit can be a technology if you just connect some wires.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Manipulating Sentence Structures

WALT:We are learning how to manipulate sentence structures for more effect.

        The chubby Kakapo Sqwauks loudly
       The chubby Kakapo loudly Sqwauks
        Loudly sqwauks the chubby Kakapo
        Sqwauks loudly the chubby Kakapo

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Walt: identify the main points in the text 
Description: Our task was to research different video games and then make a poster explaining the most popular games, when it was born, who invented it and what is it called . We had to gather all those things and make a card/poster. My games were Game Boy and Ps3,

Friday, 24 April 2015

Lest we forget!

WALT;Remember who died for our land and us.

Why did they die? They died for our land and us. For our country. 
William Arthur Ham was the youngest man to die in World War 1.  He was only 22 years of age.
Heaps more people were injured and killed through out war.  They sacrificed there life. We wear poppies to remember what they did for us. Before I bet you thought that these soldiers did not really mean much, well they do. At school we had a ceremony at school to remember them.

Description:Today's task was to go and a site and research about ANZAC. And why they died. I researched about ANZAC and this is what I have produced for you.

Lest we forget. 

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Immersion Assembly

Walt: write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.

Have you ever seen your teacher in a video game of superheroes? Well today we had our second immersion assembly of the year, this terms topic is Tinkering, Tools and Toys. Read on for more information.   

It was time to go to our immersion assembly, we lined up outside. As we started to walk in to the hall I saw that the teachers were baking. Iisa was also flying a drone helicopter that was controlled by Mr Burts phone, isn't that interesting. We then sat down in our class lines. The teachers and prefects started to hand out the food. Then Mr Burt started to talk about our new Topic and Term, Tinkering Tools and Toys. This term is all about T’s.

The teams then started to do there items. It started with Team 1. Team 1’s topic was healthy body, healthy park and healthy food. When Team 1’s movie was playing they started to hand out food such as carrots, sandwiches and more. Its time for Team 2. Team 2’s topic was about Winnie the Pooh. It was when Eeyore did not like his house any more so Piglet, Winnie and Tigger then tried to think of a solution about how to fix Eeyores house.

 Team 3 coming up. It was time for team three to do there item. There item was something about minions. The team 3 teachers were in minion suits. Team 4’s turn. Team 4’s topic is Wet lunch games and how we can make them better. We have to create an animation of somebody in a video game. Yes what can make wet lunch games better? Video games. Time for Team 5, Team 5’s topic is about Army and How we can make things better for Team 5.

 Then it was Mr Barks turn. Mr Barks made a hovercraft. A hovercraft is a plastic circle that you sit on, then you blow air. First Mr Barks showed us what it was. He then got Mr Somerville to have a turn. Mr Somerville was having fun I bet. 

 I think our immersion assembly was very interesting because they were doing extra things. The assembly made me think of what I can do better, and how will I make it better. Over all the assembly was very cool and interesting.

Description:My task was to write a recount about our immersion assembly. We were to write a detailed intro on the first day then the next two days we had to finish of the rest. We were to write 3 or 4 body paragraphs , an intro and a conclusion. 


WALT:Write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.

Have you ever seen your teacher in a video game of superheroes? Well today we had our second immersion assembly of the year, this terms topic is Tinkering, Tools and Toys. Read on for more information.
Marked by Talita. 

The reason I think I was scored a 3 and a 4 is because I am telling the reader where it is and what is happening . Description:To wrote a detailed introduction. 

Friday, 3 April 2015

Pt. England School

Kia Orana, My name is Venetia. I am ten years of age. I go to Pt. England School. I live in the suburb of Glen Innes. I have grown up in Glen Innes my whole life.

 At my school we use chromebooks for our learning. Chromebooks are like laptops. Our chromebooks are from the company of Acer. I am really enjoying my learning on my chromebook. I think its a bit more exciting than paper I still like working on paper though, so I can practice my handwriting and do maths.

 At Pt. England School some lucky students are given an opportunity to be in groups such as Extension, Ambassadors, Prefects and more. Just like me. I was given an opportunity to be in Extension, Soap Box Derby team, Kapa haka, Crossing patrols and more.

 Pt. England is a wonderful school full of fantastic children. And teachers of course. I love Pt. England school because I have plenty of friends and cool plus kind teachers. And that is my story about Pt. England School.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Yay, Few more hours till Easter.

Yay, Its nearly Easter. A few more hours till I get to eat my delicious Easter Eggs. Did you know that before Easter eggs and the Easter bunny there was ‘Jesus.

On Easter Friday Jesus dies on the cross for our sins. Then on Easter Monday he rose. Jesus is very special to all. And God , his father.

Then theres Easter Eggs. Yes Easter eggs, you know chocolate lollies. My Easter eggs are a bunny and the pineapple lumps one. Easter eggs are delicious.