Thursday, 30 April 2015

Crazy teacher invents a new Tetris controller.

write a lead paragraph of a news report
Crazy teacher invents a new Tetris controller!
Storyline. from:Venetia Joyce Room 6 ,Pt England School.

The 30th April Thursday 2015 Mr Matt Goodwin introduced a new technology to his class at Pt England School in Glen Innes.  He introduced a Makey Makey Kit.  Mr Goodwin had the Kit , some wires and fruit. He made a Tetris controller out of those three things.  This new technology was for the new term topic, Tinkering, Tools and toys.
Description:The task was to create a news article about the new Makey Makey kit. I learnt that fruit can be a technology if you just connect some wires.

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