Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Algorithm Learning

WALT:  Use an algorithm to multiply by a 1 digit multiplier
            Use an algorithm to multiply by a 2 digit multiplier

Task Description: This week I have learnt how to use an algorithm to solve my multiplication problems. In this presentation I have given you the answers and solved it out as well. Here is my learning. 

Silicon Valley

Walt:Identify features of explaining writing

Today we had two special guests from Tamaki College to come and talk to us about their learning trip to Silicon Valley, San Francisco U.S.A. The two boys were selected from a number of teenagers to go to Silicon Valley to learn. There names are Siosaia Tukuafu and Gabriel Inia.

The two students were selected from a number of Kiwi students to go on a learning journey. The places they went to were Alcatraz prison, Google, Microsoft, Khan Academy, Xero, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Kiwi landing Pad,Yelp, IDEO, Book Track and Stanford University. The boys also got to visit the Golden Gate Bridge.

Gabe’s favourite places were Khan Academy and Alcatraz prison. Saia’s favourite places were Facebook and Stanford University. While they were talking we were allowed to ask questions. Someone asked what are you going to be doing in the future. Saia’s answer was “In the future I want to be a Civil Engineer and an Architec. Gabe’s answer was “To be honest I’m not sure what I want to do in the future because I’m focusing on school work for now”.   

Overall I think that there talk was cool. It taught me a lot of things and motivated me to try my best in college to maybe go to Silicon Valley myself.

Task Description: Our task was to write about Saia and Gabe's talk about their learning journey to Silicon Valley.

Muscle Fatigue

Identify the information that supports the main idea of the text.

Task Description: Our task was to create a presentation or google drawing describing what we learnt about Muscle Fatigue.

Immersion Assembly

WALT:Identify features of explanation writing

Monday, 15 August 2016

Book Review

Task Description: Our task was to write a presentation explaining what we learnt from reading a specific book. Here I have chosen a book named Island Of the White Spear.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Why do our muscles get tired?

Walt:Identify the information that supports the main idea of the text.

Task Description: Our task was to write down what muscle fatigue is and how we get it. By reading the text I found out a lot about muscle fatigue. Once we filled in all the questions we had to create a poster showing facts about what we learnt.