Friday, 20 February 2015

Chicken worms!

Walt: write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.
Has your teacher ever fed you juicy chicken worms? It was just a normal day until our teacher said today we are experimenting with chicken worms. Read on and see what happened. Rubric marked by Talita.

This task was about juicy chicken worms. The task was telling me to write an introduction about what happen. We had a challenge. Our challenge was to write an introduction using one question, one complex sentence and one short sentence.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

What is Landfill?

Walt: Look beyond the text.

The school journal I reed was about Landfill and Gas. The gas is called Methane, Methane gas can power up to nine thousand houses. Landfill. Landfill is a place where you can dump rubbish. Most landfill smell, from the gases.  Methane gas is underneath the ground of the rubbish. To get the gas they drill a whole underground to where the gas is. Then they get a pipe and suck the gas out.  And that is how they get the gas.

Landfills that are in auckland-

-Waiuku Community Recycling Centre

-Great Barrier Island Claris Landfill
-Waiheke Island Transfer Station

-Whangaparāoa Recycling Depot

-Waitakere Refuse and Recycling Centre

The task I was given was telling me to learn about landfills and Methane gas. Methane gas is a gas that you drill out of the ground. They drill wholes into the ground and then they suck the gas out of the  ground. We also had to tell the audience where are landfills in auckland.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Duffy Show.

Walt: Follow the structure of a recount to produce a piece of writing. 

On Monday we went to the Duffy show.The Duffy show is a show where people come to schools and encourage students and teachers to read. The characters were Sienna, Duffy and The librarian, in fact the liberian actually played more than one character. Sienna is one of the characters, she is the girl who doesn't like reading until.. Duffy and his crew encourage students to read, because reading is cool and if you imagine things you will be in another world. That is the Duffy Show.

First we got ready and lined up in our year 5 and 6 porch. . My class then went to the hall and sat down in our same lines. Duffys crew then came out, they introduced themselves. We played a little game of Simon says and then Duffy ran out. He came with a few books and his guitar. He introduced himself and then we sang the Duffy song.. Once we sang the song the show started.

They started the show of with Sienna not liking school and reading.  One day Duffy saw Sienna by herself so he took her to the library . She then said to Duffy “Duffy I hate school and reading” so he then helped her read more. She started to like reading, she read a dinosaur book, she thought she was in dinosaur world. She said to Duffy “ Oh Duffy thanks for letting me use these books “. She started getting high marks in school as well.  

Then Sienna red a garden book, she really liked it. She could imagine things, like a lady singing “Tinka tinka tinka tinka tinka  lalala” It was so catchy. Duffy asked her “ What do you like Sienna” she said Uhmm Gardening.So from then she started gardening. At the end of the Duffy show they sang a little rap about reading. We then went back to class once it was all over.
And that is what you call a Duffy Show. Duffy is a person who loves to read. He is an encourager. Do you think Duffy is a cool person? It was a hilarious show .  

This task was telling me to do a recount about the Duffy show and what happened. I learnt what reading can do to help you and how it can help you succeed in life. It was telling me to use details and vocab.


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Whitebait Fritters!

WALT: follow instructions, and complete tasks to a high standard.

This post is about my reading group:Whitebait Fritters. During this session of reading we learnt about Whitebait. The task was asking me to find out what whitebait is and what it is. I learnt about what whitebait is and how it can be eaten. Our task was to create a presentation using a plain white background and create a presentation to a high standard.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Holiday Highlight

WALT: Follow the structure of a recount to write about a holiday highlight
During the school holidays my cousin Jeremiah came to New Zealand. He came to my house for a week. After a few days my mum then asked us
“Do you guys want to go somewhere this week” , I replied “Yes”. The next day we went out .

Mum yelled and said “Hurry up get ready we're going to the movies” , so we did. We then drove to Sylvia park. Once we got to the movies we bought some snacks such as popcorn, fizzy and chocolate.  The movie we watched was Taken 3.  When the movie was finished we went home and went sleep.

Going to Inflatable World. We arrived at Inflatable World Manukau. I ran inside and all I could see was kids running around. Once we got our wristbands we went straight to the obstacle course. When we had enough we then went to get some food. And that was our day at Inflatable world .

We got to the Ice skating rank in Botany. Me and my cousin put on some skates and started to skate. My foot was starting to feel sore so I took the skates of and my sock and their it was … A blister. We were there for about an hour and a half, I told my mum I had had enough so we went home .

The next day we took my cousin for one more outing in Mangere. A few weeks after that he went back home to Rarotonga.
And the was my fabulous week with my cousin ! :)

This task was telling me to write about my holidays. I had to write about what I did with my family and where we went. I learnt about what you can do with a small piece about your holiday and turning it into something big.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My timetable!

WALT:  Tell the time.

 We learnt about what quarter past, quarter to and half past meant. I am also learning how to read a digital clock and an analogue clock. I learnt what am and pm and the different hands meant too .