Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Menu for Malawi and New Zealand!

This is my Malawi Menu. New Zealand people would have steak and mash potato.  Today I am comparing New Zealand food to Malawi food. I have one Malawi menu and one New Zealand menu. If you read the menus,  you will see what kind of food we have in N.Z and what they have in Malawi.

This is my New Zealand menu.  If we had a nice toasted sandwich for lunch in Malawi the would most likely have a mice. So here are my two menus.

 Since I have been learning all about Malawi,I have learnt that they don't have as much as we have in N.Z. I have learnt that Maize is one their most eaten food. Last but not least I have learnt that Malawian people are just like me,but they don't get a big opportunity to pick what they want to eat. A lot of people not just adults, but kids as well have also died because they don't have enough food.


  1. Hi Venetia,
    Wow! that is a big difference having one thing for breakfast compared to New Zealand now I know that if you compare Malawi's Menu to New Zealand's Menu it will make a bid difference I hope you can keep telling the world the differences between different country's.

  2. Hi Venetia,

    That is awesome! What a great big difference. Here some advice, the words in the menus are a bit small so we couldn't see properly. That's it from me.

    From Talita.

  3. Hi Venetia

    Those are awesome menus I love the way you told us which one was dinner and lunch because I was lost on the malawi menu nice work. keep up the good work.


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