Tuesday, 26 May 2015

20 Hour Famine

On the 22nd of May the Extension Crew participated in the 20 hour Famine. We had a sleepover, but it was a one of a kind. We were not allowed to eat anything except Barley Sugars. We were also allowed juice. We had lots of fun. This is what we did: slept in boxes, had a riff off, played games, dance battle and group performances. There were basket ball hoops, ping pong tables, soccer goals and more. The teams were team Green, team Blue, team Yellow and team Red. I was in team green. Here is my team <<<.

                                                                          What is the 20 hour Famine?
The 20 hour Famine is when you are not allowed to eat.  It is a group of people that raise money for the kids in need. This year we raised money for the people and children of Bangladesh. The Famine has been going on for 40 years. People all over the world participate in this event.

Doing the Famine
We started our night of by playing with the equipment. Then it was time to have some real fun. Two Famine ambassadors came to Pt England School.

They talked about what our money goes towards and how it helps. We played a game with them then we played Musical Statues. Once they left another youth ambassador came. We had lots of fun with her. Once we finished having fun we sat in our boxes for a little while. Then we went to sleep in the Library.

How our fundraising helps.
Our money helps by buying food for the children, getting clean water, clothing, getting a shelter for them or money for education. Our money goes to the children in need. The money makes those children be like us, we are wealthy. We want them to be wealthy too. Help them out by fundraising. Take a stand for the children of Bangladesh!

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