Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Three pigs, Two Murdered & One Survives.

write a news style report

Byline:Tuesday 13 May 2015, Venetia Joyce, Pt England.

Two little pigs have recently been killed by a violent wolf after their mother kicked them out of her house. The two pigs were killed brutally in their own homes. The third brother has survived, as he was smart enough to trap and burn the wolf.

Unfortunately the first two pigs built homes out of materials that were not strong enough. The first pig built a house out of straw, the wolf blew his house down and ate him. The second pig made a house out of sticks and wood, his house was not strong enough so the wolf blew his house down and eat him too.

The third pig managed to survive.  The wolf huffed and puffed and tried to blow the third pig's house down but his house was too heavy because it was made out of brick. When the wolf was climbing down the chimney the pig made a trap. He got a pot of water and put it on the fire to boil. When the wolf fell down into the water he was killed and burnt.

Mama pig, do you regret kicking your children out?
Well I do but they were old enough to look after there self. I feel really guilty.
Mama pig, Would you ever let your children live with you again?
Yes I would , Just to keep them safe ish.
How would you react if the wolf turned up to your house?
I would be really scared because my house isn’t strong enough. He would probably eat me .
How do you feel about your younger brothers dying?
I feel really sad because they could of come in my house. I am really upset for the loss of my loved ones.

Task Description:The task was to write a news report about the three little pigs. We had to write a the first part about the main facts about the story.Then we had to write two paragraphs one about the two first pigs murders and the third pigs survival. The last part is a interview to the mama pig.

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