Thursday, 14 May 2015

Terry and his video games

Walt:Find proof about the message.

His name is Terry, He is 12/11. He loves video games and computer.  He does not want his computer to  be destroyed by the earthquake.  He has a pet mouse named Mikey and is a good coder.

Do you feel sad about the lives lost in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake?
Yes I would feel sad for the people who have lost loved ones but I have no family there so. My aunty lived there and her house was destroyed so she had to like in the church.

What does it mean if an earthquake was in your city?
I would feel scared about my family and for my computer. I would feel terrible, and very horrified.

How would you react in a earthquake?
I would be very horrified. I would worry about family and friends. I would Drop, Cover , Hold. Go under a sturdy table, hold on to the legs.

Task Description:The task was to write a interview and 3 questions asking Terry. I learnt about what could happen in a earthquake.

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