Thursday, 31 March 2016

Visual Mihi

This is my Visual Mihi. This term we were given the task to do a Visual Mihi of yourself for your animation. 

In the middle is me. I am there for people to see and know who I am.

 On the top left hand corner there is a green flag with stars. That represents one of my cultures which is Cook Island.  There are 15 stars on the Cook Island flag. My other cultures are New Zealand, Maori and Tahitian.

On the top right hand corner there is a Cross. This is the Lords Cross. I have that there because I believe in the Lord. If you are good to the Lord the Lord is good to you.

On the bottom left hand there is a heart that has the word Family in it. I put that there because I Love my family dearly and always will. In my family I have 4 brothers that I love. I am the only girl in my family too.

Lastly on the bottom right hand corner there is a symbol of Music. The symbol is there because I enjoy listening to music. Listening to music makes me feel free.

I hope you learnt a bit about me. Hope you ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Wk 8 Maths

WALT: Use the 'part unknown' strategy to compare amounts.

This is my maths problem solving for week 8. We were given 3 questions to answer plus our practice work at the end

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Problem Solving Wk7

Walt:Use multiplicative strategies to solve problems 

This is my problem Solving from Wk 7. We were given questions to answer.


Sunday, 13 March 2016

Problem Solving Wk6

Walt:Use multiplicative strategies to solve problems
Learning:This week we have been learning about how to use multiplicative strategies. We were given 3 questions to answer using multiplication. Here is my working out. 

Friday, 11 March 2016

The Rejected Boy!

WALT:Add detail to our writing by using descriptive language and write stories with complete orientation, problem and resolution.
The Rejected Boy

Marcus is a little boy. He is 7 years old and is having a very hard time. Marcus is short for his age so he gets a bit mocked. Marcus has blonde hair like his father. Marcus goes to a small school located in Christchurch.

Marcus has never had a real friend. Marcus tried so hard to have that one friend. All he ever got was rejected. Marcus has always been an isolated child. If you try to talk to him he will stay quite. One day Marcus tried to find that one perfect friend but got rejected.
Walking as slow as a turtle Marcus approached the person he wanted to be friends with. With a softly spoken voice Marcus muttered ¨come play with me, I'm your bestfriend¨. As soon as he said that last word the person instantly screamed out ¨NO¨.

Marcus got so offended that he started to scream his head off. Throwing his arms in the air Marcus growled as loud as a lion. Stomping like an elephant Marcus stormed out of the classroom where he was to chill out.

Marcus decided to go for a stroll to let out the anger. Marcus was so full of anger that he walked as fast as a cheetah. With his bitter face on you could tell he was down.  As he calmed down he thought about friends. What are friends, he said to himself. Once he was calm he went back into his class.

Task Description:Our task was to write a narrative that is showing not telling. Here I have written about a little boy (Marcus). Marcus has been having a hard time lately trying to find friends. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Return Of The Moa

WALT:Understand new vocabulary

These few weeks we have been learning about New Zealands largest native bird the Moa. In our presentation we were given questions. The answers of those questions were in the text. Did you know that I know of 7 different Moa. They are:Bush Moa, Coastal Moa, Crested Moa, Eastern Moa, Giant Moa, Heavy-footed Moa and the Upland Moa. 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Nga Pakanga o Aotearoa

WALT:Learn about Aotearoa around the time of the Treaty of Waitangi. Make inferences

This is my reading task from weeks 2-3. We were given the text and questions. We then had to answer those questions. All of the answers were in the text. 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Maths Problem Solving

WALT:Solve whole unknown problems using 
Task Description:Our task was to do a presentation of our working out. We were given maths questions to answer and work out. i did these questions with my partner Lucy. Here is our work