Friday, 28 July 2017

Let's Rock Term 3!

The term has officially started! Let's rock Term 3! This terms topic is "Guardians of the galaxy". Today we had our term 3 starting immersion assembly. This event happens every beginning of the term. This term is going to be based mostly on the planets around Earth, the solar system and taking care of our planet. 

Our term 3 immersion assembly was so interesting and fun. It started as Mr Somerville flew the drone from the back of the hall to the stage as if it was a UFO. Suddenly two alien looking creatures emerged from the side of the stage as they started a battle with the earths protectors, Mr Jacobsen and Mr Somerville. Eventually the earths protectors won the battle. It turns out the two alien looking creatures were just Mr Burt and Mrs Nua. 

After there wonderful item it was finally time for Team 1 to show off there moves. Team 1's item was a video of the teachers flying to the sun,moon and mars. There focus for this term is planets. Team 2's item was a remake of a David Bowie song rewritten by Ms Gaston. There focus is on space. Team 3's item was quite interesting. There item was a video about a day in there lives. From calling your friend to having fun in the weekends. There focus is on the seasons changing. Team 4's made a video as there item based on the Mars one project. Finally Team 5 (THE BEST). Team 5's item was a live concert of the teachers singing a spacey version of the Moan classic "How far I'll go".

I really enjoyed Teams 4-5 items because they showed interest in my age year. There items were interesting yet fun. I am really looking forward to this term because I think the topic is cool and I would like to do my learning to the best of my abilities.