Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Te Taiao O Tamaki-1

Te Taiao O Tamaki

What it is?
Te Taiao O Tamaki is a saying us Manaiakalani schools use. It means, The Environment Of Tamaki. This year that is one of the focuses in all Manaiakalani schools. It simply means our environment.

As most local people now we have the Pt England Beach. We have the Glen Innes and Panmure pools and even the Oamaru creek. 2 years ago I attended an event called River Talks. The river talks was held at the Oamaru creek. At the river talks we talked about our river. Why is it so polluted? Why is it green?

Some people from the area talked to us about how it was back in the day. You could swim in it they said. Most people know how this is caused. It is caused by us throwing rubbish away. The rubbish can go through drains, fly and eventually end up in our now disgusting river.  We talked about how we could fix the problem too. We all agreed to help clean up our river and community.

On the other hand Pt England Beach isn’t the best either. As most people know we have had some pollution at the beach too. Our beach was filled with rubbish at some point. Does that effect the community?

Te Taiao O Tamaki, The Environment Of Tamaki. As a student of Pt England School and a child from the area I expect our area to be clean and healthy for the next generations. I want them to have green grass, clean waterways, everything. What if our water gets so polluted everyone moves out of the community? What is going to happen for the next generations?


  1. Hi Venetia,
    My name is Jenascia and I am very excited about quad blogging with you. Our main topic is about streams and we are focusing on the omaru stream. As I was reading your writing I noticed how you wrote about pollution in the beach, which was extremely interesting. How did you feel when you saw how bad the stream looked?

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  3. Hi my name is Mika
    I am one quarter of your team for quad blogging. I am learning about pests for our inquiry learning. I will be blogging about pests soon.
    Keep up the good work!


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