Friday, 8 May 2015

Nepal Earthquake Interview

WALT:find proof of the authors message.

Liam is a 11 year old boy who likes playing with his friends. He is good at coding. He wants to work for NASA. He likes rockets. He is very good at rocket impersonations.

If someone from your family lived in Nepal how would you feel?
Feel sad and I would try and ask my school to fundraise. I would feel sorry for the ones who have lost their loved ones.
How would you help the people of Nepal?
He said he would have a sausage sizzle, fundraise money by having a bake sale. Or charity.

What would you do if the Nepal earthquake hit your country?
I would worry about my family (parents) and my computer and games. And the power would cut so we might have no food. 

Description:This task was to write a interview about the Nepal earthquake. The person who is answering it is a 11 year old boy named Liam.  

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