Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Island Of The White Spear

WALT: Analyse how the  author's creates layers of meaning imagery, through figurative language, including analogy, symbolism and other literary devices.

This is my novel study from this term. The story I am reading is the Island of the white spear. The book is about a group of young people who go treasure hunting on a remote island. The trio go on a boat trip and come across this weird island. The trio are finally at the island. They  start to go searching for the treasure. As they are searching for the treasure the trio then come across a cave, they find several dead bodies...what could be next?!


  1. So pleased with the efforts you have been putting into this novel study Venetia. Such a mysterious story isn't it. Hope you are enjoying it.

    Keep up the great efforts!
    Miss Clark :)

  2. Hi Venetia,

    I am really loving the effort of you doing work such as this presentation you've done based on the Island of the white spear. I also like the explanation you have put at the bottom of your presentation, it is a very good explanation. Keep up the good work Venetia!

    Your Sincerely
    Mere (PBS)


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