Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Immersion Assembly

WALT:Identify features of explanation writing

School started off with an Immersion Assembly. An Immersion assembly is when each year team does an item based on the terms topic. From teams 1-5 they each did an item showing the rest of the students what they were learning towards this term. This terms topic is “We are the CHAMPIONS”

As I walked into the hall I could see all the children sitting on the floor, all the teachers dressed up and parents sitting in the breeze. That very day was special. It was the day our principal Mr Burt and his wife Mrs Burt came back from there long learning journey around the world. They went on a journey around the world with other principals to learn how to be a better principal and be a good teacher so he could tell the other teachers at our school what they could work on.

Team 1 were first. There item was about keeping healthy during the olympics and training to keep fit. The teachers of Team 1 talked about how we should eat healthy food and don’t eat junk food. In their movie they included the children asking questions such as: “How strong are you?”, “How fast are you?”, and many more questions. At the end of all the explaining and the movie  Mrs George held a quiz for the school. If you got the question right you would get a chocolate.

Team 2 were next. Team 2’s item was about the geography about the countries involved in the olympics. Team 2 are studying about which countries are competing in the olympics. There movie was the teachers of team 2 doing sports that they enjoy. There movie was called “Fresh princesses of G.I”. Each teacher had a different sport. The sports were Soccer, Swimming, Basketball  and Boxing.

“It’s time for Team 3” Mr Burt said. Team 3’s item was general knowledge about the olympics. That's basically just facts about the olympics and what they know. Since they were doing general knowledge the teachers decided to do a movie based on Family Feud.

Team 4 was up next. There item was about what we do see and what we don’t see behind the scenes. There movie included things like what were supposed to see and what were not. In there movie it showed famous athletes that have dropped out of the 2016 Rio olympics and some athletes that were kicked out for taking drugs. Some of the athletes just dropped out because the Zika Virus is going on in Brazil.

It’s time for Team 5. Team 5’s item was about what’s good for our bodies. That was linked into the 2016 Rio olympics. First they did an item. 3 teachers represented a different country. One of them was New Zealand, One of them was Australia and the other was U.S.A. They each did a little performance showing what happens at the Olympics.

That's all the happened at our Immersion Assembly. I think that our term topic is cool because it is teaching us a lot of different things and showing us fun stuff as well.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Task Description: Our task was write a story that tells the reader what had happened at our Term 3 Immersion Assembly. In my writing I talk a lot about the Olympics because that is what our term topic is based on. Hope you enjoy my writing

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