Friday, 16 October 2015

Fear Factor Plan and Intro

WALT:Think about my purpose and reader by planning my recount.

Plan of my paragraph topics

1. Introduction
Orientates and hooks
2. Body Paragraph 1
Watched the video. IT WAS DISGUSTING! Bugs, maggots, yuck stuff.
3. Body Paragraph 2
Then Mr G started talking about it, then he brang it out. Picked the contestants. Hosea, Rima, Inez and Christian.
4. Body Paragraph 3
They then ate it, and someone said it was disgusting. Looked like Inez was going to spew. We all knew it was fake. Most of them them found it really easy
5. Conclusion
What I think about the fear factor challenge

How disgusting. Today our teacher introduced the Fear Factor to us. Maggots, Bugs, Rat hair chips and blood. Our version was just as bad, Pond Scum water and frog eggs, ewwwww. Four contestants and only one winner, who will it be. Eat it as fast as you can, first one to swallow. Am I the only one who has a crazy teacher?

Task Description:The task was to write an introduction about what happened at our Fear Factor. We also had to plan out our writing. Here I have included my plan and my best intro. We had to write two introductions and pick the best to post on our blog. I hope you enjoy my intro and plan.

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