Friday, 11 March 2016

The Rejected Boy!

WALT:Add detail to our writing by using descriptive language and write stories with complete orientation, problem and resolution.
The Rejected Boy

Marcus is a little boy. He is 7 years old and is having a very hard time. Marcus is short for his age so he gets a bit mocked. Marcus has blonde hair like his father. Marcus goes to a small school located in Christchurch.

Marcus has never had a real friend. Marcus tried so hard to have that one friend. All he ever got was rejected. Marcus has always been an isolated child. If you try to talk to him he will stay quite. One day Marcus tried to find that one perfect friend but got rejected.
Walking as slow as a turtle Marcus approached the person he wanted to be friends with. With a softly spoken voice Marcus muttered ¨come play with me, I'm your bestfriend¨. As soon as he said that last word the person instantly screamed out ¨NO¨.

Marcus got so offended that he started to scream his head off. Throwing his arms in the air Marcus growled as loud as a lion. Stomping like an elephant Marcus stormed out of the classroom where he was to chill out.

Marcus decided to go for a stroll to let out the anger. Marcus was so full of anger that he walked as fast as a cheetah. With his bitter face on you could tell he was down.  As he calmed down he thought about friends. What are friends, he said to himself. Once he was calm he went back into his class.

Task Description:Our task was to write a narrative that is showing not telling. Here I have written about a little boy (Marcus). Marcus has been having a hard time lately trying to find friends. 

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