Friday, 26 June 2015

How cool is Super Mario World?

Walt:Write effective paragraphs.

Yay I made it up to level three, thats right i’m talking about Super Mario World, Super Mario World is a really popular side scrolling game. It is played on most digital devices including your netbook. It was even played when your parents were kids on things like the first Nintendo ,Gameboy and more.

The aim of the game is to beat most of the levels. Part of the aim of the game is to collect the mushrooms, the mushrooms are in a mystery box. In this game there are little  creatures that are the enemies, if you are walking and you don’t kill the enemy you will crumble into pieces. The enemies are like evil devils that are guards.

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The main character of the game is Mario, Mario is from the country of Italy. He wears denim overalls with a red T-Shirt underneath, Mario also wears a red hat that has the letter M on it. In the game Mario can run, jump, he even grows when he eats mushrooms. He also can jump on his enemies to kill them and when he dies he crumbles into pieces.  

To play this game you will have to have a keyboard. The arrow pointing up is to jump and the arrow on your right is how you run. The arrow to your left is to turn around and the last arrow is the arrow that makes you come down off high things like the steps. To kill the enemies you have to jump on them, that makes them crumble.

I would give this game a thumbs up because it’s a tricky but fun game, my dislike is that when you eat the mushroom you have to stand there for a few seconds, that makes it easier for the enemies to kill you . I would recommend this game because it’s a very enjoyable game, it can make you angry but when you pass all the levels you will be the master. I enjoyed this game because it was quite fun, I did get a bit angry but in the end it was a really cool game.

Task Description:Our task was to write effective paragraphs using juicy vocab and punctuation. We wrote in silence, each sentence took about three minutes each. We would write a paragraph in silence and then share with the class. Each paragraph took about twelve minutes but we had a extra minute to think

I learnt about how to write interesting effective paragraphs. I also learnt that working in silence is a bit better for me because when I am not in silence I tend to chat a lot. Working in silence worked for me because I got everything done.

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