Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My Power! Invisibility!

WALT:  write effective paragraphs using juicy and exiting words. 

Its about time I go to the islands, how will I go if I have no money, no ticket and plus i’m a kid, I could go if I had a superpower . If you guessed Invisibility as a superpower you are absolutely correct. I would be able to snatch and run, eat all my lunch, even go out of school or even hop on a plane and go to the islands, AWESOME

If my power was invisibility I would feel ordinary. My power is Invisibility which means that I can do things without anybody witnessing me, explore the globe, eat all the food, not run, how better does it get? I would be a mysterious forensic scientist that just solves crime scenes without anyone noticing. I would feel natural but not look like anything.

Marked by: Yvonne

Image result for superheroI would use my powers to go somewhere without anyone seeing, I would look like normal me. I would travel to the islands or go to a country I haven’t been to. I could also eat all the food in the cupboard and just sleep all day, incredible. I would be a spy that just strolls around the streets, isn't that incredible.

I think having invisibility as a power is awesome because you get to do amazing things without anybody seeing. The reason I would love to be able to go invisible, is because you can hop on a plane and travel for free or even eat all the food and then go sleep all day. Also if people were in danger I would be there and they wouldn't even see me, I would be a helpful invisible spy (a good spy).  

We sat in silence to write our paragraphs. We had one idea for each paragraph, each paragraph took about 10-13 minutes. In between each paragraph the class would get together and re-craft someone's paragraph. Once we finished all of our paragraphs we sat down as a class again. We then got in to partners. With our partner we re-crafted our second paragraph, our partner then marked our rubric.

I learnt about how to write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words. I learnt about how to re-craft our work. To re-craft our sentences and words we used a website Thesaurus. My partner checked my work and re-crated some sentences using thesaurus.

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