Friday, 20 March 2015

Newspaper Tower

Walt: write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.
Have you ever had a class challenge where you have to make a newspaper tower? Our teacher is pretty crazy, first it was chicken worms now this, too much coffee. This is how it went down.

We came in to our literacy class just like always until our teacher said “okay guys put your netbooks away in a safe place”. So we did. We got into groups of 5 and sat down our groups. The people in my group were Presayus , Lani , Olivia , Rosa and me. We were given materials such as 5 and a half sheets of paper a long strip of masking tape and a pair of scissors.  Our group name was Rosalina’s group.

Mr Godwin then said “okay when I say go you will start making your tower, you only have eight minutes”.  Screaming and shouting is what we were doing . We didn't know what to do until Rosa said “I know what to do, we’ll make a triangle”.

Our group then started to make a triangle.  Once we made our triangle we had to give it some support so we got some paper and stuck it underneath the triangle. The teacher said “two minutes to go”, we panicked a little but we got over it. Mr Goodwin then said “Times up”, we were quite happy with what we produced until we started doing measurements. Rosalina then went to go and grab the ruler, Mr Goodwin measured ours and Talitas team. We were hoping that we won until Mr Goodwin said “by half an inch Talitas team has won”. We were a bit disappointed.  And that is my Newspaper tower recount.

Our task was to make a paper tower using limited materials. It had to be the tallest. Our task was write a interesting story about what had happen. I learnt that it can be hard working in groups but  if you just keep calm and carry on you will be a good group.

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