Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Ana's experience at Camp

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Today I have visited Ana's blog. I am on her blog to find out information about the Year 5 and 6 camp. 

In her recount she was telling a story about her feelings, what she likes and what she was nervous about. I found out that her favorite activity was kayaking because it was her first time . 
Her story also told me that she was a bit nervous about the top town activity due to her not knowing what to do. They started there camp day off by baking cookies and catching some eels and fish  for afternoon tea.

Ana's story made me quite excited about camp . She gave me information about what she likes and what she didn't quite like. Her favorite thing was kayaking and that was my favorite to. I'm looking forward to this year, I wonder what I'm going to like this year?

Shout out to Ana V for doing an excellent blog post about her Year 5 and 6 camp experience .
Task description: This task was telling me to do a Google search about the past year 5 and 6 camps we've had. 

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