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Introduction/What does Fiafia mean to you-
What does Fiafia mean to you? There are different meanings of Fiafia. In Samoan and Tongan it means Happy. In New Zealand it means Celebration or Get Together. The Key Competency that Fiafia applies to is Participating and Contributing and you have to relate to your tutors. At Pt England School Fiafia means to celebrate different cultures from around the world .

My Fiafia Group and the Fiafia history-
The School Fiafia is on every two years ,in one of those years we have a production. Pt England School has been having Fiafia since the nineties. Some of the groups involved in the school Fiafia are Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island, Asian, Hip Hop and much much more . The group that I am in is Hawaiian. My tutors are Miss Ouano and Miss Eadie. We are doing Maunaleo, Ahulili and Puili dance. Maunaleo is a mountain in Hawaii,Ahulili is a mountain in Hawaii too. Puili is a dance when you have to use bamboo sticks.

Key Competencies-

The two Key Competencies I think relate to Fiafia is Participating and Contributing and Relating to others.  I think that these two Key Competencies relate to Fiafia, because you have to relate to your tutors so you can learn your dance, and you have to participate so you can be on stage and know your dance!   

Now you know what Fiafia is to me! I had a great time performing and watching different performances. Have you had your school Fiafia?  What does Fiafia mean to you? 

This is the Hawiian Group from 2014 Fiafia!!!

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