Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Life Cycle of a Frog-Venetia

Do you want to know the stages in a frogs life?  The stages of a frogs life is  the egg, tadpole, froglet and the last one is an adult frog.

The first stage of a frogs life is a egg. The egg is covered in a sticky like jelly which holds them in a spawn. The sticky jelly protects the egg from predators. Inside the egg is a little black ball. That ball is a tadpole.

Once the egg has settled out comes the tadpole. Sometimes the tadpoles get eaten by predators . Tadpoles grow gills to breath under water. When the tadpole is born it has a long tail. When  it has grown the tail will disappear.

When the gills and tail start to disappear the legs will grow that means that the tadpole is now a froglet.  Froglet hides underneath rocks, leaves and flowers so they don’t get eaten by predators. Once they have grown they will be an Adult frog.

The froglet is now an Adult frog. Now the frog can breath on land . This is the end of the frogs life cycle. When it finds a mate the frog life cycle will start all over again. This is called metamorphosis.

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