Friday, 28 February 2014

Being a good Friend.

What is a good friend to you?  A good friend is someone who would care for you and be kind to you. A good friend is a person who would like to do stuff with you.

A great friend is someone who would care for you and look after you. Great friends are people who are fun playing with. If someone was feeling sad make sure you go up to them and look after them.

A good friend is someone who is friendly and kind.  A friendly person is someone who would like to play with you and have fun with you. Being friendly and kind can make you a better person

If someone was at the park on there own make sure you go and play with them. Thats it for today, make sure you look after people who a lonely and sad. Try your best to be a great friend.


  1. I agree being a good friend is taking care of a good friend.

  2. That is a good friend and keep it up being a good friend


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