Thursday, 13 February 2014

Brand New Netbooks-Venetia

Guess what!  Class 10 and Class 9 went to the hall to get our brand new netbooks.
At ten o’clock we went down to the hall.  When we got there Mrs burt was there, she had a talk about us looking after our netbooks.  We had to sit on the chairs and wait for Mrs Burt to talk.

She talked about  how we look after our netbook.   Mrs Burt  said about if you brake your netbook you would have to pay $70 dollars.  You need to keep your netbook in a safe place because someone might take it . Also you need  to hold your netbook with two hands and  have your screen closed.

Finally Mrs Burt had finished talking.  We had to stand by a table and open our netbook boxes. Me and my friends  had a lot of paper and cardboard we had to take off, but  finally we reached our netbooks .  I  got  my charger as well.  Class ten all turned it on at the same time,  we had to log in to our netbooks.

Once we had a little play on our netbooks we had to put it in our case and then we went back to class.  We put our netbooks in the cupboard and once we did that we had our morning tea.

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