Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Floundering Project!

FLOUNDERS!!! They caught more than twenty flounder's!!!!!!!!  Today the whole of Pt England School gathered together for our very first Floundering project. We started off at the hard courts where the whole school gathered to get ready to walk down to the Tamaki Estuary. Twelve Pt England students were chosen to go down to the beach and gather at least 4 baby flounders for our floundering project with Kauri Flats School. As we got to the place where we were watching the project we sang a few waiata's. We had a prayer in hope of catching flounders and staying safe in this weather. We then headed back to school. 

Flounder is a flatfish specie. In New Zealand most flounder live up to two years old with a few living up to five. According to fish scientists female flounder live more then male flounder. Flounder usually have an oval/flattened shaped body. If you didn't know flounder are actually carnivores meaning they are meat eaters. They eat things like smaller fish, crabs and shrimps. Here is a picture of baby and adult flounder.
Image result for flounderImage result for baby flounder

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