Monday, 27 June 2016

My Horror Story

Walt:Manage ourselves and our time to complete a piece of writing

It was a cold misty night in the Middleton family home. The family were watching T.V peacefully as they heard a noise in the kitchen. The dad Darrion went to go and see what that noise was, but there was nobody there. The fruit bowl was on the ground, all the fruit has spilt out of the bowl and the bowl was smashed.

Later that night the mother of baby Lisa put her to bed. Lisa’s parents also went to bed later that night. During the night Lisa’s parents heard her crying. They didn’t think it was bad so they went back to sleep.

Later that night Lucia heard Lisa cry again so she went to go and check on her. She opened Lisa’s door and Lisa was not there. Her mother then screamed and the father woke up. Her father ran into the room and started to look for baby Lisa. “Lisa is gone” her dad said. I think our house is haunted, there might be ghosts, or even someone in the house. Nothing else happened after that.

During the year they got investigators to look in there house to see if anything or anyone was there. The investigators said nothing was there so they carried on with life. A few months after that they had another child. His name was Charlie. Charlie had a happy life until he was 3,  he was taken away from the ghost. Late at night the parents of the children heard 2 little voices singing “Hush little baby don't you cry, your gonna have a sweet little life”.

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