Thursday, 27 August 2015

Trade Fair Recount!

Walt:use language that paints a picture in the mind of our reader.
This term our topic is Trade & Enterprise, for team 4 we had a Trade Fair and is going to have a market. Trading is when you sell something for something else. For example;I can trade you a bag of lollies for a $1. Enterprise means that you are starting or making up a business it can also mean you trying to turn something small into something big.

A trade fair and a market a quite different, a market is when you buy stuff then and there, and a trade fair when you take orders. Trade fair is the kind of like a place where you take orders then take those orders and eventually manufacture them.  For e.g. you have a business and your wanting to advertise your own product you would want to go to the trade fair, there are so many businesses. A market on the other hand is when you buy products on the spot, no orders or nothing. At the trade fair we purchase products with our Team 4 currency and online bank account.

There are six business groups in Team 4: Toys, Kitchen, Custom Stationery, Jewels and accessories, Homeware and Musical Instruments. In each business there are more businesses in it, the business I’m in is Custom Stationery. In Custom Stationery me and my group are making Custom Book Covers. We prepped by making examples of our own products. We then took orders from customers, now all  we need to do is make them. Once the customers have got there product we then take the money out of their online bank.  

My trade fair experience was awesome. I spent 7 PT on food and spent 9 PT all together. I brought a tremendous amount of food. I also brought some other things and even sold my own product. We got 7 orders all together. Thats a lot of orders for us, each were sold for 2 PT and 50 pieces.

The currency we have are PT’s and Piece’s. There are 20 pieces, 50 pieces, 1 PT and 2 PT, thats our currency. In New Zealands dollars you double our currency, for example 1 PT is $2 dollars, you just double the amount. We also have our very own online bank account.

I can't wait for our Market day. Yes we are having our own market. In week 8 we are having our very own market day. I can't wait.

The task was to write a recount about our trade fair and what we sell. We had to write about our currency and the Trade Fair and the up coming market. Guess what, I spent 9 PT.

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