Thursday, 5 February 2015

Holiday Highlight

WALT: Follow the structure of a recount to write about a holiday highlight
During the school holidays my cousin Jeremiah came to New Zealand. He came to my house for a week. After a few days my mum then asked us
“Do you guys want to go somewhere this week” , I replied “Yes”. The next day we went out .

Mum yelled and said “Hurry up get ready we're going to the movies” , so we did. We then drove to Sylvia park. Once we got to the movies we bought some snacks such as popcorn, fizzy and chocolate.  The movie we watched was Taken 3.  When the movie was finished we went home and went sleep.

Going to Inflatable World. We arrived at Inflatable World Manukau. I ran inside and all I could see was kids running around. Once we got our wristbands we went straight to the obstacle course. When we had enough we then went to get some food. And that was our day at Inflatable world .

We got to the Ice skating rank in Botany. Me and my cousin put on some skates and started to skate. My foot was starting to feel sore so I took the skates of and my sock and their it was … A blister. We were there for about an hour and a half, I told my mum I had had enough so we went home .

The next day we took my cousin for one more outing in Mangere. A few weeks after that he went back home to Rarotonga.
And the was my fabulous week with my cousin ! :)

This task was telling me to write about my holidays. I had to write about what I did with my family and where we went. I learnt about what you can do with a small piece about your holiday and turning it into something big.

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