Thursday, 24 July 2014

My Holiday Writing!!!

Have you ever been to ClimbZone or to the Movies? Well in the holidays that’s what I did. In the holidays I went to places with my Mum, Aunty and my Cousin Oshyne. We went to the Movies and ClimbZone which is Rock Climbing. My holidays were so amazing.

In the first week of the Holidays I went to the Movies.  I went with my Cousin Oshyne and my Mother. We went to the Movies at Sylvia Park (Hoyts). The Movie we watched was Maleficent. It was about a girl who had wings, she is a fairy . There is also a human boy. The boy became the king of humans and then he cut of Maleficent’s wings. Then the boy grew and became a father to Arora.

A week later we went to ClimbZone. ClimbZone is a place where you go Rock Climbing. I went with my Aunty Emily, My cousin Oshyne and My mum. First we went to the receptionist and got our harnesses put on. Only me and my cousin did it. I was so fun. We also went into adventure land which is a indoor park and little rock climbing walls.

Then a few days laters, I went to my dads to help him renovate. I had to sand the door in the wash house.  After that I went to help my mum and nana clean his room. We had to pack all of the stuff out of his drawers and his wardrobe. They still have a bit pack. I have to help pack the things out of the rooms because my nana is moving to Levin and my dad is coming to live with me.

My holiday was amazing. The sweet taste of the popcorn, the coldness of the ice-cream mmm de-li-cious.  It was One of my best holidays. I went to amazing places. After reading my story would you like to go to ClimbZone or movies? If you behave you might get to go to one of these places.

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