Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Special people in my Family!!!

My Nana’s name is Maria. I love my Nana because she is a lovely person. She is amazing. Also my Nana always helps me when I need help with something. Sometimes when I go to my Nana’s house she takes me out to Pakuranga or she takes me to Glen Innes. My 
ana smells as sweet as a rose.

Whenever I ring my Nana she always tells me to go to her house and when I’m at her house she helps me do my work or cook our dinner. I love my because she is one of  best people in the world to me and she is one of the oldest in my family. I love my nana to the moon and back. My nana smells as sweet as a rose.

Then I have my Grandpa. My Grandpa was very kind to me and when I was hurt he sometimes looked after me.  Also my Grandpa was a lovely person just like my Nana but sadly he died. I was so sad that he died because my Grandpa was a great man who always was kind to others. My Grandpa is the oldest in my family so he is really special to me, I love my Grandpa. My grandpa is as funny as a clown.

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