Monday, 6 March 2017

Te Taiao O Tamaki-River Talks

Last week I got the opportunity to go to River Talks at the Omaru creek. Our creek is horrendous. It is filled with rubbish, fat, kids toys and even rotten mattresses. At the River Talks people talked to us about making the river cleaner, becoming a cleaner community and changing our environment. 

At the River Talks there were about 5 schools, there were Pt England, Tamaki College, Glen Innes School, Te kura kaupapa maori o puau and Glen Taylor. Back then our river used to be clean, people were able to swim in it. Nowadays its disgusting, no one can swim in it now. 

How can our community help? We need to fix our river immediately. Its disgusting. 

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  1. Hi Venetia,
    I really enjoyed reading your paragraph about the river talks. I also liked the way you described omaru creek. I was also extremely shocked when I saw how bad it looked. How do you think we can help to improve the stream?


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