Thursday, 23 July 2015

If I had a million dollars!

WALT:Write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words

Having a million dollars would be awesome. If I had one day to spend a million dollars at the mall I would be extremely delighted. I could buy whatever I would dream of having, an IPhone 6, PS4, clothes and obviously SHOES!

If I had the chance to buy whatever I want at Toyworld the first few things that came to my mind were:Nerf guns, sports equipment and a gigantic minion. I would buy every single Nerf gun they had. I would also buy all of the sports gear I need for this year and  can’t forget my enormous minion. The reason I would buy these items is because first of all Nerf guns are awesome, sports gear are needed and a giant minion just for fun.

Having a million dollars at Footlocker would be fascinating! I could buy 10 pairs of Nikes, 10 pairs of Jordans, 10 pairs of Timberlands and 10 pairs of Adidas . I would also buy some clothing as well. I would buy all these shoes and clothes because they are my favorite things, you know, girls love shoes and clothes, isn’t that right girls?  

IPhone, PS4, Xbox 1, headsets, speakers how better does it get. If I had a million dollars at JB Hifi I would buy:IPhone 6 , PS4, Xbox 1, headsets, speakers, a new T.V and more. The reason I would buy these items is because I love playing video games, I love phones (especially IPhones and Samsungs) and the headsets, speakers and T.V for my PS4 and Xbox 1 (in my dreams will come true) .  

Buying 10 pairs of Nikes would be extremely awesome, however if I was to be responsible I would spend my money on much needed things. I would pay all of the bills for my family, buy a new house and I would love to donate money to the World Vision. I would also donate some money to KidsCan for kids who don’t have lunch, clothes and shoes. With my extra’ money I would buy some groceries for my family and maybe put the leftover money from that into each member of my family’s bank.

Task Description:Our task was to write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting punctuation. We wrote each paragraph in silence. Each paragraph took about 10-13 mins. We wrote one paragraph then sat on the mat and re-crafted them and did that for each paragraph. My favorite paragraph is the conclusion because I talk about what I would really do with my money if I was been financially responsible.

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