Tuesday, 28 November 2017

RLWC 2017 - Mate Ma'a Tonga

28 November 2017

Dear Tonga RLWC 2017 Team,

To the one and only Mate Ma'a Tonga team. I congratulate you all for your victory throughout the Rugby League World Cup. I am so sad to here about your only loss to the England RLWC Team. You all played undisputedly well. It was quite a tough match but I'm sure all of your biggest MMT fans are very proud of what you have accomplished as a team. It wasn't the result we all wanted but you all played very well and everyone is so proud of you all.

My family and I all enjoyed watching the game as the MMT team made there biggest comeback at the half-way time. I personally enjoyed watching you all succeed and all grow as a team through-out the whole game and World cup itself. It was so amazing how the team caught up in the last 10 minutes. My favourite try of the match was Tuimoala Lolohea's try because it was very excited to watch and everyone in my household were so hyped. You made history team. You made all the Pacific Island and Tongan supporters so proud including your very own King. You have showed everyone that a small nation like yours can go just as far as the bigger nations when you work hard and never give up. Congratulations for making the Semi's team. MMT!

Yours Sincerely,

Venetia :)

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Rugby League World Cup - 2017

To those who didn't know the RLWC is currently in action!!! The RLWC started on the 27th October with Australia against England. The RLWC is currently the craze here in Auckland with Mate Ma'a Tongas celebrating almost every day in Otahuhu. 

Image result for rugby league world cup 2017Tons & tons of Samoan, Tongan and even Fijian rugby league supporters are celebrating the victory of their teams winning. It is quite a big event for the three teams especially Mate Ma'a Tonga and Fiji Bati as                                                                      they have just qualified to the finals. 

If you would like to find out more about the RLWC click on this link >LINK<. It has all the information you need to know about the RLWC, where the games are being held, which teams are still in the tournament and much more. 

Monday, 20 November 2017

Pt England School - Manaikalani

Manaiakalani is a film festival celebrated every year with the Tamaki Schools. If you didn't know Manaiakalani is a film fest that most schools in the Glen Innes and Panmure communities celebrate each year. Every class from each school in the Manaiakalni cluster have to make a movie of what ever topic they would like. It is then screened at the Sylvia Park Hoyts cinema to the whole of there school. 

Last week on Friday Pt England School had our very own P.E.S film festival. We watched every class's movies in our hall and had loads of fun. Personally my favourite movie was Room 4's Taste Test movie because it was very funny and it was an interesting movie because they tasted new things I found out more about some food items.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

The Hero Within!

Here is my literacy task was this week. This week we read a story about a girl who was bullied because she had a disease. We read the story and answered the questions given by our teacher. The story is linked onto the title so if you have free time check it out and read the story.

Maths Problems

Here is my weekly presentation from this week. This week our focus was on BEDMAS. We had a variety of questions ranging from simple like addition and subtraction to more difficult questions like division and multiplication. I have definitely learnt more from this presentation because sometimes I find BEDMAS quite difficult. At the end of this presentation on the last slide I have added 10 questions for you to answer so have a look and try out the questions.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Reflection - Term 3 2017

Makey Makey Term 3 2017 Reflection -

Last term our focus was on Makey Makey machines. We used makey makey to create our games on Scratch. Yvonne, Cameo and I created a tune using Scratch and the makey makey. First Zoey came into extension and taught us how the makey makey and scratch works.

Once we knew how they both worked we got on with our task. Our task was to create a tune or song on scratch. Then we had to create cardboard instruments using the things Zoe gave us. Once they were both created we hooked up the makey makey machine and proceeded on with our task of making a tune with makey makey.  

Overall I found the task quite challenging because I personally do not have as much experience with scratch and everyone else. But it was a great experience to create a tune a nd instrument with the girls in my group because I got to know more about what they knew and what their interests were in making new things.

Monday, 30 October 2017

What is a good role model?

What it means to be a good role model. Are you a good role model, do you show support, encourage and show respect to other people? In this explanation writing I am going to be explaining the reasons of what a good role model is and how a good role model sounds and acts.

Good role models are the types of people who encourage, motivate and respect other people. Good role models encourage others to never ever give up, they motivate people to strive and succeed, respect their peers and treat others the way they want to be treated. For example one of my role models is my mama. My mama has always encouraged and motivated me throughout my life at school. My mama has always encouraged me and told me that I should never give up with the things I do and achieve. 

To me being a good role model is someone who is positive all the way, confident with all things in life and someone who is bubbly and funny. Role models are people who are positive, being positive is a big thing in being a role model. Being a role model you have to be confident and face the challenges in life. You may not always be happy with the things you do but it’s best to be positive all the time. My mother is another role model of mine because she is very confident with the things she does, she is positive most of the time and always shows happiness towards others. 

A role model is someone who is hard-working, mature and self-talkative. Most of my role models are very hard-working and powerful women. They are very strong and mature and have believed in themselves all the way. My last two role models would have to be my teachers Mrs Ilaoa and Mrs Sio. The reasons why they are my two role models are because they are very hard-working. They work hard, never give up and always try to teach us new things at school. Our class can be a handful or more sometimes but my two role model teachers are always strong and push us until we succeed.

So now that you’ve read my story about “Role Models” are you strong, powerful and motivational enough to be a good role model? Everyone has the strength to be a role model. So use your strength and become a better role model then you already are!